Webcams through Google Glass

I wanted to set up my home webcams to work on Glass, so to experiment, I turned to UCF's public webcam streams for testing.

Here's me in the student union, staring up at the cam:

Me staring up at a camera, which is shown in the Glass viewfinder looking back at me.

It works pretty well; it's really just a bunch of webviews tied together into a card adapter. The source code is on Github, as usual.

Once I got the example code working, I retrofitted it to work on my own webcam setup with authentication et. al:

Me looking at one of my home security cameras for testing

It works pretty dang well, and the whole system logs and keeps track of motion for me. It helps keep that warm safe feeling when I'm away from home, and it's nice having it all available with a simple "Ok Glass" command.