SkyDrive and Windows Phone may be sharing your location

If you use a�Windows Phone, it prompts you if you want location data stored in your photos when you first use the camera. In my case, I chose yes, because I figured that might be useful sometime. Today, when fiddling with SkyDrive, I noticed something:

(SkyDrive is lying. Don't trust it)

On the photos I've posted to Twitter, a section appears on the sidebar with a map showing the location of my house. �But there's a little lock that says "Visible only to me", so that's good, right?�Nope.

Sure, when I go Incognito and look at the photo, the location isn't there. But if I download the image and look at the EXIF data, voila, we have my latitude and longitude.

Now, people are going to get snarky at me, so let me explain. Did I tell the camera to track location? Yep. But is SkyDrive misleading when it says "Visible only to me?" Yes, very. The location data is still in the photo, and all someone has to do is download it and open it up with an EXIF viewer. It takes less than 10 seconds.

Now, there's an easy fix: Just go into your settings, flip over to the camera options, and disable "Keep location info on uploaded pictures."

But biggest question to me is, why is that option default, when no where else, aside the camera application, informs me that my location is shared? Am I a minority who wants to chose when and where I share my location? And please, SkyDrive, take away that stupid reassuring lock. It's flat out lying.