Screen Recording on Google Glass

I put together a video on the new Google Glass Notifications Glance feature. It's pretty cool:

I received a couple of questions about how I put this together. So here's the writeup on that.

KitKat (XE16 and up) contains a screen record feature. You can activate it over adb. Since I didn't want a cable connected to the device, I switched adb to run over my local network.

  1. Install Android development SDK, or find a minimal adb executable somewhere
  2. Connect Glass to your computer with USB
  3. Run adb tcpip 5555 to put Glass on tcpip mode
  4. Disconnect the USB cable
  5. Run adb connect <ip_address>, where the address is Glass' IP on your local network.
  6. Run adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/DCIM/somevideo.mp4
  7. Press ctrl-c when you're done recording.
  8. Connect Glass to your computer with USB and retrieve the new video

You can also skip 2,3,4 and just execute the shell command over USB.

After this point, I just recorded a video with my webcam and used iMovie to overlay the videos. Any video editor that supports picture-in-picture or multilayer editing can handle this task.

Some caveats:

  • The screenrecord command may stop after a few minutes, not 100% sure
  • When the device is asleep, the video seems to either stop recording after a few seconds or the framerate changes. Regardless, if the screen is off, less black will be saved to the file than actual elapsed time. That's why the box comes and goes in the video I uploaded. That and it was 11pm and I cba to do anything about it.

If you have any comments, questions, etc., let me know!