One Solid Year of GitHub Contributions

Well. Following up from my previous post, I've now hit a streak of 365 consecutive GitHub contributions. To quote last year,

At the beginning of the semester, I decided to make an effort to make at least one contribution each day. Consider it a late New Years Resolution.

It's been a long, fun, insightful journey. Here's the takeaway over the last year:

  • Committing every day forced me to get something done each day, regardless of how I felt. This often led to further work getting done as it got me in the state of working.
  • The goal led me to make as much code public as possible, since this would make completing the goal easier.
  • Because of above, I felt more responsible about my code and commits, which led to developing better habits and a desire to keep code orderly and clean, even in one-off projects.
  • Even some of my one-off projects that I thought nobody would ever touch received some attention, including some with pull requests or active discussions.

I'd tackled several different strange projects over the last year, ranging from Vim plugins to Node.js websites to Google Glass apps. It was all fun and educational, but I do wish I had spent more time contributing to other peoples' repositories, rather than making new ones of my own. I think that will become a new goal for this next year going forward.

Overall, I'm glad I did this. It's been insightful and fun. I have no intention of stopping, though I have a gig this Summer that may interrupt this. We'll see.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely, if you want to really focus on improving coding skills, or building a portfolio, or finishing a project, or just want to explore the Internet and have some fun. It doesn't have to be a year, but I think this is a goal that can be played around with as an exercise, regardless of the goal.

Here's to another year of code!