I bought some NFC Business Cards

I remember talk that NFC Business Cards going to be the next thing back in '12. Fast forward to today, and nobody really seems to be selling them, except this site I found.

I've never been one to use business cards, or to even see others use them, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to order a few just in case.

Plain old boring paper cards sounded too lame, though, so I decided to spice it up with NFC, threw together some text in Illustrator one night, and now we're here.

The concept is interesting, because the card itself can and always has physically displayed the name, URL, etc., of the subject. But NFC takes this a little further and allows the holder to automatically store the contact information, launch the website, etc., with little to no effort, assuming they have an NFC-enabled smartphone.

If recent trends in design, marketing, and overall products have taught us anything, we should all know there's value in making an already trivial task even more effortless.

I'm curious to see if my NFC enabled cards find any use in the world. I'll post an update at the end of the summer with my results.

My NFC business card being tapped against my phone, launching this webpage.

A stack of NFC business cards