Google Glass Photography

I like photography with Google Glass, since it's always available for those unexpected shots. It's also a nice challenge, like the rising group of smartphone photographers.

Here are some of my adventures photographing with Glass. This post will be updated periodically, so check back often!

Macro shot of leaves

NASA rocket park at Kennedy Space Center

Retrolux view of Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center

Atlantis cargo bay at Kennedy Space Center

Small satelitte at Kennedy Space Center

NASA logo

A giant pendulum at UCF's ROTC building.

Arcade machine in the office

Auto-awesome photo of solar charger

A trail in Orlando

The Little Econlockhatchee River

A park in Montreal

A solar powered electric car parking lot

Pride parade in NYC

Pride parade view from float

A wide view of the pride parade

Rockafella Center

LEGO logo made of legos

Ivey and Pikachu at the Nintendo store

Pikmin at the Nintendo store


UCF fountain and landscape through Glass

St. Johns River

Tesla grafetti

Check back soon for more!