100 Days of Github Contributions

Achievement unlocked! Today marks 100 solid days of Github open source contributions.

At the beginning of the semester, I decided to make an effort to make at least one contribution each day. Consider a late New Years Resolution.

My reasons for this were varied and not entirely solid at the time, but I decided to push this goal. 100 days later, I wish I had started earlier.

I could write a nice 8th grade essay listing out advantages for committing daily. It makes your profile look better to employers, it shows off your work, it increases your chances of getting on git.io/top, etc.

But the biggest single, most noteworthy point of all, is the tangibleness of forcing myself to put something out publicly every day, to show I did at least one productive thing each day. It's extremely refreshing to be able to look back and see that I've managed to push something out publicly, even on my least productive days.

It's not something you can easily cheat on (sure, you could back-track some commits, but that takes effort), so there's no talking yourself down with the "I walked around the parking lot, that counts as exercise" excuse.

It also has encouraged me to better my development practices, and explore other open projects and contribute back to them, which broadens my horizons and (hopefully) helps other individuals out, too.

I've learned a lot in the last 100 days, and for that, I issue this challenge out to all my friends and readers. It's a simple thing to keep up, but the results are tangible, and the resultant motivation is amazing.

Here's to another 100 days. I have a lot to work on and learn. ;)